Working with Payment Groups
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Organize payments by groups

Payment Group – ezFeatures
• Group like payments to be released at the same time
• Review and sort through your list of payees with similar payments
• Keep your groups up-to-date at your convenience by easily adding or editing groups or payments

Payment Group – ezOverview
‘Payment Groups’ help you to easily identify and organize a series of similar payments to be released at the time of payment. For example, create a group called ‘rental payments’ if you have multiple properties that require a monthly rental payment. Add individual payment details to this group, then as you are completing your payment instructions for your order select your payment group. Only ezPay+ users have the ability to use the ‘Payment Group’ feature. These users can manage and update each group and payment within each group by having the ability to add and edit these details.

In order to use this function you need to have first input your beneficiary details. If you need to add these details, refer to ‘Creating a New Beneficiary’. On ‘Your Dashboard’ go to and select ‘Payment Groups’ and follow the steps to setup a new group.