About Us
The IMS team brings you over 12 years of experience in currency conversion and global pyaments. IMS provides TRANSPARENCY in the international Global Payments world. We have developed services and products that give businesses opportunities for better financial solutions in the Global Payments Process.

Why International Monetary Specialist?

IMS specializes in the transparent servicing of global payments, currency conversion and cash delivery. IMS is the first and only company to provide 100% accounting of all value and expenses of your currency conversion or global payments process. We are also committed to providing the highest quality in service and knowledge. Keeping you satisfied with our service is good for everyone: you discover new revenue and accounting opportunities, and we benefit from your business.

Whatever your needs are in foreign currency exchange and global payments, we can meet them. It's that simple. Equally important is the way in which we meet your needs. Instead of simply promising service, we ensure that it is delivered through close, personal attention.

IMS is committed to ensuring that your international money transfers reach their respective destinations, when expected and without complications. To this end, we have created a funds transfer process built on a solid foundation of security and the protection of confidential information.

IMS has partnered with participants of the SWIFT interbank network with over 7,400 financial institutions in more than 200 countries. By using an international network consisting of Schedule “A” banks in all major banking nations, we are able to guarantee that payments are delivered to overseas suppliers on time, and clients receive payments from anywhere in the world as soon as the funds clear.

By relying on cutting edge technologies, we ensure that our security system is second to none by using the most up-to-date encryption and firewall technology available; and our North American offices are linked by secure T1 Internet lines.

At IMS, client risk is not an option. We believe you should be shown the entire process of your transaction, so that you know the values gained or lost. Don't guess, use IMS. Trust in transparency.