As Specialists in global payments and foreign exchange. As we continue to grow, we never lose sight of the fact that the success of IMS is assured by three critical commitments to our clients: Service that is second to none, Security measures that inspire trust; and Solutions that are tailored to meet your needs.

What Can Our Online System Do?

Our system offers a comprehensive solution to easily manage your incoming and outgoing transfers and fx deals from your Multi-Currency Accounts. Some of the most popular features you will find include the ability to:
• Execute Foreign Exchange Transactions (Spot and
Forward deals)
• Send Wire and Draft Payments (in any currency)
• Receive Wires or Draft Payments (in any currency)
• Create and Edit Wire and Draft Templates
• Store a Template Library
• Track Transaction Status in Real Time
• Receive Transaction Event Email Notifications
• Activate Customer Dual or Single Control Option
• Collaborate and Share Information with other
parties involved in a transaction
This process of Global Payments may be accessible from multiple locations as well as shared among multiple locations. A simple email notification setting allows multiple users to be notified when a process (such as a wire) moves from initiation to completion.
Whether you are sending or receiving a draft or a wire, in any currency, let IMS facilitate and make the process easy and convenient for you.