Cash as Commodity
Commodities are commonly traded items. Usually they are regulated and have a standard market price. Cash is the most easily traded commodity around the world with over 4 trillion dollars being traded daily.. The IRS has defined cash as a commodity during the process of conversion from a domicile currency to any other region's currency. At that time, your cash is now treated as a commodity and is subject to commodity tax code considerations. Because the currency market is not regulated, nor are there set standard currency rates or prices, it is financially imperative that you demand the best accounting of any currency transactions in which you create these commodities.

Why International Monetary Specialist?

For the last couple of years more and more people are becoming concerned with the value of the American dollar. Some have asked us if they should purchase gold or oil. There are both positives and negatives in this situation. The devaluing of the dollar can be a good thing for our job market as it makes U.S. goods more affordable. Purchase of US goods may increase as the dollar lowers due to of affordability.

The conversion or refining of any commodity demands proper reporting. For example, if you owned the commodity of Oil and chose to process it into Gasoline, you would take it to a refinery. The refinery would be expected to provide an exact reporting of the process as well as any other commodities or valuables derived from the processing. It would be considered ridiculous not to expect an accurate and precise reporting from the refinery.

However, when converting our cash we have been lulled into believing that a precise report is not possible or not available. Therefore businesses instead spend there time shopping around for the best rates. It would be absurd for a refinery to give a report that lists averages of all clients commodities and not the specifics to your transaction.

IMS, for the first time, provides you an accurate report or receipt, listing the value, cost and precise time stamp of the process.

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