POC Report
The Point of Conversion Report brings 100% of all Values and Expenses of your currency conversion. In the World of International business and trade we enjoy the abilities to freely exchange currencies at the current going rates. While very liberating and a leading cause of such great economic growth world wide, the exact conversion of currency is still confusing.

What Does The POC Report Provide?

Recently some banks have come under scrutiny for non-disclosure of 100’s of millions of dollars in fees. California Teachers Pension Fund claimed 200M dollars alone. However, this is a world wide and systematic issue. The Bank of International settlement (authorized to Audit all Central Banks) has identified as much as 144B per day that goes unaccounted for in FX exchanges. , In an industry that is supposed to be a Sum Zero market, it is disturbing that such a significant amount of money is not being accounted for.

The Point of Conversion Report properly accounts for and makes an accurate and precise reporting of the transaction including the True Value of your Money and the True Cost that occurs in this process.

In the POC, we characterize and execute appropriately each and every Individual Trade at the actual time you authorize that trade to be executed. You will be able to compare your booking price to the actual offset (base) price at that precise time by our automated computer systems. We then disclose the difference as a cost to you. We don't just do it because its the right thing to do, we do it because 100% accounting provides you the ability to make better business and accounting decisions.

With the right accounting, it is now possible to show an "ordinary expense" in the transaction. IMS is not a tax expert, however, we have acquired the legal opinion of a large international law firm that substantiates the spread disclosed in the POC Report as an "ordinary expense". Each client can receive an individualized Opinion Letter specific to their international currency exchanges and payments.

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