Working With Action Items
As Specialists in global payments and foreign exchange. As we continue to grow, we never lose sight of the fact that the success of IMS is assured by three critical commitments to our clients: Service that is second to none, Security measures that inspire trust; and Solutions that are tailored to meet your needs.
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Staying On Top of Your Tasks

Action Items – ezFeatures
• Directly link to orders and deals that you need to complete
• Real time task lists that are unique to each user

Action Items – ezOverview
Our Online system gives the user the ability to ‘Save and Come Back Later’; using this option creates a list of items to be reviewed on ‘Your Dashboard’ within ‘Action Items’. Each time you login you can directly access these hotlinks which will be continually updated and unique to each user. Stay up-to-date with beneficiary’s requiring approval, payments requiring approval, forwards requiring attention, unpaid deal(s), order(s) in progress, deal(s) awaiting payment instructions, accounts with balances or last 5 deals. To complete one of the above mentioned tasks go to the hotlinks under ‘Action Items’ on ‘Your Dashboard’.