Working with ezPay
As Specialists in global payments and foreign exchange. As we continue to grow, we never lose sight of the fact that the success of IMS is assured by three critical commitments to our clients: Service that is second to none, Security measures that inspire trust; and Solutions that are tailored to meet your needs.
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Identify your payments first and book a rate later

ezPay – Features
• Identify your payments first to streamline your payment process
• Lock in a rate for all your payments against a single currency
• Setup beneficiary and settlement accounts to instantly apply payment
• Use the Beneficiary Lookup tool to search and select beneficiary details
• Depending on your requirements use the dual approval process to approve deals
• View, print or export your transaction details for review

ezPay – Overview
‘ezPay’ will still offer you the benefit of completing your deal in 3 easy steps. Unlike ezTrade where you can lock in a rate first, ezPay allows you to identify all your payments first and get the rate later. If you typically have 3 to 4 payments in one trade, you can streamline this process by selecting all the payments for single currency deals.

Add your beneficiary details to your list of payees to be able to select the recipient of the funds. Or create a new beneficiary as you move through each step. Settling your payment is just as easy, setup the accounts you want in order to manage where funds are settled.

Each step is clearly marked with either a pending or complete message. Your status will let you know when you can proceed to the next step. To create a new ezPay order click on from ‘Your Dashboard’.